Build Your Own Catapult Kit


Pop out the pieces and construct your very own catapult to lay siege to the enemy soldiers… or siblings, wife, the dog, etc.

Remove Pieces

Carefully remove the pieces by applying light pressure. Make sure to not push too hard and break a piece! If you’re having trouble getting a piece out try wiggling them back and fourth a little.

Assemble It

All piece should snap together. Start with one side of the catapult by adding the cross bracing. Pay attention to the difference cross braces: Aiming Brace, Rubber Band Hook Brace, and the two Regular Braces. The Aiming Brace goes at the very top with the text facing the longer side of the catapult side piece. The Rubber Band Brace goes at the very front of the catapult (the shorter side). The remaining two Regular Braces go in the two rear slots. Place one side of the catapult arm in the circle hole on the side of the catapult. Carefully snap on the other side of the catapult. Your catapult should not be completed. If parts are somewhat loose, a little dab of super glue can help.

Add the Rubber Bands

Remove the two rubber bands from the parts sheet. Loop the the rubber band are the front Rubber Band Brace, draw it underneath the aiming bar and over top of the the catapult arm so it rest on the hooks. Place the other rubber band around the top of the catapult making sure the catapult arm is outside of the top rubber band.

Take Aim

You’re all done! Use the crosshair at the top of the Aiming Brace to target and hit the soldiers. Try adjusting the rubber band tension by looping it around the Hook Brace.


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